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Dare Drop Reveals Three Key Ways Publishers and Developers Benefit Using Its Influencer Marketing Platform

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Next evolution of influencer marketing gamifies “dares” to boost engagement, grow value, and help creators reward their fans.

Dare Drop — a platform that changes the way fans interact with content creators — today revealed three benefits that publishers and developers have seen using Dare Drop. These benefits include better results for publisher spending on influencers, the ability to create long-form dares to boost engagement, and nurturing an always-on approach that continues to grow as the games played receive expanded downloadable content (DLC) and updates.

Better Watch-Time-to-Dollar Invested
Currently, every publisher that has used the Dare Drop platform has seen at least 1.8x better results per dollar spent on influence. What’s more, these results work in both the long and short term.

Ability to Highlight Specific Features with Unique Rewards
Publisher PQube recently ran a campaign for their title Nexomon: Extinction where content creator DevukDelta ended up attempting to complete the most challenging dare, “Complete the Nexopedia,” where they must “Collect every Nexomon in the world and fill your Nexopedia! There are 381 to find in total!” They were successful and unlocked 10 Steam keys to distribute to their community, which resulted not only in increased watch time but also increased community engagement.

Huge Awareness Increase Even After Launch
Games can also work with Dare Drop in an “always-on” approach. Meaning it doesn’t just have to be for a game release but for future DLC and other ongoing initiatives to keep content creators engaged.

One publisher began using Dare Drop six months after releasing its game and in return saw the monthly hours watched on Twitch increase 76% month over month. In one case, a Dare Drop publisher saw 10x better results!

“With Dare Drop, we’ve created a platform that is beneficial for everyone involved, be it the creators, the fans, or the publishers,” said co-founder and COO Paul Traficanti. 

“Our dare system cultivates creativity and connection, which breathes new life and possibilities into streaming and influencer marketing,” added co-founder and CEO Joe Bechtold.

Instead of the typical “brought to you by” messaging in many on-demand activations, Dare Drop offers a highly engaging and interactive way to connect creators and their audiences. Founded on the idea that influencer marketing could be more than its traditional formal transaction-based form, Dare Drop takes the concept of Twitch Drops — in-game rewards to fans when a content creator reaches a particular milestone in a game — and spices them up with dares. 

Dares can be anything from completing a game to pulling off an insane trick shot or even a real-life request. Completing one unlocks rewards — in-game content, game keys, cash prizes, and more — content creators can share with their fans. The result is exciting organic content and a highly engaged audience.

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About Dare Drop

Dare Drop was created when founders Joe Bechtold and Paul Traficanti saw an opportunity to evolve influencer marketing in the gaming world past its traditional, transactional form. Through the power of Dares and challenges, Dare Drop allows its partners to grow their streamer communities while delivering best-in-class engagement. Made for publishers, creators, and fans. Visit to learn more.

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