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Retro Horror RPG “Dread Delusion” Carves Its Way Onto Steam Today! 

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DreadXP Launches Elder Scrolls Inspired Dark Fantasy Title Where Your Choices Change the World; Discounted While in Early Access

DreadXP — an independent horror publisher and production company — and independent developer Lovely Hellplace are delighted to announce that open-world RPG Dread Delusion is now available on Windows PC via Steam Early Access. Featuring PlayStation One era visuals and gameplay inspired by classic RPGs such as The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and King’s FieldDread Delusion tasks players with carving their own paths as they discover curious towns, unearth occult secrets, master powerful magic, and change the world through their choices.

High above the cursed earth, humanity strikes out a meager existence among the glow of the Neuron Star. Brave knights of the Apostatic Union, blinded by hubris, have slain countless Gods. The cold peaks or clockwork spires, tended to by the servants of the Machine Monarch, grind ever ever onward in endless supplication. Cursed Endless, bound to earth in eternal rot, seeking slight comforts and eternal rest. It is a world torn asunder by powerful passions, dark desires, and even more reckless hopes. How can you, a lone prisoner, hope to survive such a tumultuous world? It would take the heart of a God to brave it…

Watch the Dread Delusion launch trailer here:

Dread Delusion originally debuted as part of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc anthology collection and has since been fleshed out into its own standalone title. The game transports players into a broken world whose surface seethes with an undead curse, while humanity clings to flying continents in the sky. Players can fight to heal the world or focus instead on making as much profit, or accruing as much power, as they want. Dread Delusion is all about player choice and the decisions that you make directly impact the way the story unfolds.

As players explore the flying worlds of Dread Delusion, they will face off against unspeakable horrors and friends turned foes. Thankfully, combat is flexible, with charm and charisma just as viable as swinging a sword or casting a spell. Players will be able to visit towns, meet characters, and complete quests at their own pace. Dread Delusion is an ever evolving experience; Early Access updates will expand the main quest line (10-15 hours of additional content), unlock new weapons and spells, expand character customization, add constructible houses, and more.

Dread Delusion Key Features:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Uncover a rich, interactive narrative through the game’s quests, or pick a direction and explore by yourself. The world of Dread Delusion is yours to mold and discover!
  • Retro RPG Radness: Explore a beautiful PlayStation One-style 3D world that is heavily inspired by classic RPGs including The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and King’s Field. From mushroom forests to undead mausoleums, strange, gorgeous locations await you.
  • Fight and/or Fright: With a varied skill system, there’s always an alternative to combat. Charm people, pick locks or use secret knowledge. A keen mind or charming wit can prove just as useful as a sword.
  • Loco LocalsUnwind from the hustle and bustle of undead curses and sky continents by resting in one of the many towns. You’ll be able to sleep through the night, trade goods, and even rub elbows with the dynamic denizens. But be warned, sometimes the worst monsters are hiding in plain sight…

Dread Delusion is available now for purchase for Windows PC at a special Steam Early Access price of $19.99 USD. When the game exits Steam Early Access, the price will increase to $24.99. Fans can purchase the game on Steam at its special discounted price starting today at:

A press kit with screenshots, trailer, logos, and key art is available here:

If you’d like to request a key please fill out the form at:

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About DreadXP

DreadXP is an indie horror production and publication label that focuses on unique, experimental titles that have been overlooked by the bigger labels. The company is passionate about creating a positive horror community with a focus on supporting developers and delivering the unique content genre fans crave. DreadXP titles include Digital Dragons’ Best Indie Game of 2022 – First Place award winner Sucker for Love: First Date, the Dread X Collection series, SPOOKWARE, and upcoming titles such as Hand of DoomMy Friendly NeighborhoodThe Mortuary AssistantMirror Forge, and SPOOKWARE Multiplayer.

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