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GameDriver 2022.07 is Now Available, Bringing Simulated Input Support for VR Devices, a New Test Recording Tool, and More

Game Driver

The Automated Testing Software Has Been Updated to Provide Even More Streamlined Support to Testers Through New Tools, Code Languages, and Improvements

GameDriver™ — the leading creator of automation tools in the gaming, AR, and VR industries — is excited to announce the release of the latest update for their flagship software. GameDriver 2022.07 continues the company’s mission of providing all of the tools and capabilities necessary to build a comprehensive automated test suite for video game, AR, and VR projects.

The GameDriver team is constantly working on ways to improve their software and offerings in order to deliver the best product for developers and testers. GameDriver 2022.07 introduces newly supported platforms and code languages, tools that streamline test development and maintenance, and a few fixes and stability improvements for existing features and tools.

GameDriver 2022.07 includes:

  • VR/XR Simulated Input: Newly added input support for XR devices, such as Oculus, Meta Quest 2, and OpenXR, will allow testers to build tests as if the device is plugged in or as a standalone, but without the need to put on the headset.
  • Recording Tool: With recording, testers can capture inputs and interactions in the Unity editor, which can serve as the basis for future automated tests. This allows testers to focus on building comprehensive tests without having to hunt down the input methods to use or object paths needed.
  • HPath REPL (Read, Evaluate, Print, Loop): This new tool allows testers to build and validate HPath queries to identify objects in even the most complex scenarios, where static object identification wouldn’t be possible.
  • Get Started Menu: This helps users find all of the important information they need for using GameDriver, as well as check the status of their license.
  • Additional Updates and Fixes: Tests can now be built using the Python client and Apple Silicon version of the Unity editor. Fixes include improvements to the HierarchyPath query language, updates for the available KeyCode mappings, Input System support, and better Agent stability.

You can find complete details about GameDriver 2022.07 on the company’s blog:

GameDriver is the first tool capable of standardized, reusable, and scalable automated testing in the gaming, AR, and VR industries. It gives time back to testers and development costs back to creators and publishers, resulting in higher quality games and products that are unburdened by bugs and glitches at launch. GameDriver supports a large ecosystem of game engines, test frameworks, and execution platforms, including Unity, NUnit, Jenkins, MSTest, BitBar, Oculus, and more.

GameDriver delivers the following key benefits:

  • Provides rapid feedback for each build and release
  • Ensures a high-quality immersive experience across digital mediums
  • Increases test coverage, consistency, and execution time
  • Reduces dependency on manual testing by up to 85%, allowing testers to make better use of manual testing efforts
  • Controls the cost of ongoing Quality Assurance
  • Reduces time-to-market

GameDriver is available in Free Trial, Tester Edition, and Enterprise Edition tiers. The company is proud to offer free licenses for educators and start-ups through their Ambassador program, so that they can support the gaming industry and emphasize the importance of testing.

For more detailed information about GameDriver and to get started, visit

If you’d like to learn more about GameDriver, follow them on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn, or join their Slack community.

A full press kit including logos and screenshots can be found here:

About GameDriver

GameDriver was founded in 2018 to introduce standardized, reusable, and scalable automated testing to an industry in desperate need. Video games, VR, AR, and other forms of interactive entertainment rely too heavily on manual quality assurance practices. This can lead to additional labor cost, unideal working situations, and an overall lower quality product. GameDriver mitigates these issues by streamlining the testing process and making the best use of manual testers’ time.


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