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Introducing, A New Influence-Based Global Stock Market Measuring the “Metaconomy” 


A New Engine Powering Virtual Stock Market Exchanges that Tracks Influence in Games, Sports, Music, and More, Converting it to a Tradable Commodity

Announced today, is a brand-new virtual stock market engine where users can buy and trade virtual shares of influencers, artists, athletes, intellectual property (IP), and more. Founding Membership sign-ups are now open. The stock market of the metaverse, compiles data from various social media platforms, creating a quantifiable value of a person or brand’s social influence and then converts it into a tradable commodity in a virtual stock market exchange. The first exchange, Gamer Stock Exchange (GSX), will be revealed in further detail soon. is made for influential people, brands, and supporters alike. Remaining relevant continues to be a massive challenge in an ever-changing global culture, and there is a constant push to become more influential or risk being left behind. Once a person or brand creates a profile and opts-in, compiles information from their connected social networks, such as Twitch followers and YouTube subscribers, then aggregates them into a digestible and data-driven IPO value. The market then functions like a real stock market where the value is purely based on audience sentiment.

“We like to think of as the beginning of measuring the metaconomy, creating a stock market for the multiverse, or multiple metaverses,” said Doug Kinnison, CEO and co-founder of “With all of the work it takes to manage communities on multiple platforms, we hope our stock market engine becomes a valuable and engaging tool to help people find their fans and build bigger communities.”

“Whether we’re talking about YouTube, TikTok, or Spotify, we know how difficult it is to stand out among so many people in the social media space,” said Charles Long, co-founder of “We believe can help deepen relationships with influential people, brands, and their die-hard fans and supporters.”

Members of will be able to buy and trade virtual shares of influencers, personalities, brands, IP, and more, getting an even closer connection to their favorite content creators while showing their loyalty and support.

The first exchange opening soon is the Gamer Stock Exchange (GSX), where gamers and esports professionals, publishers, developers, and even games and brands, can create their profiles and connect their social media channels. People are encouraged to sign up now to be notified when GSX goes live at


About is a stock market engine that powers a variety of unique and targeted simulated stock market exchanges. Founded in 2019 by Douglas Kinnison and Charles Long, they possess over 25 years of experience in related technologies ranging from enterprise solutions and web properties to mobile applications and games. With, they are building new ways for communities to understand data, finance, and each other, while connecting influential people with their supporters in groundbreaking new ways. For more information, please visit:


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