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swords of legend - the fobidden court

Sword of Legends Online Update 1.1: The Forbidden Court Gets a Release Date and Check Out the Newest Raid Sparkwood Gardens

For the past few months, thousands of players from across the world have immersed themselves in the stunning world of Swords of Legends Online—the AAA massively multiplayer online role-playing game from publisher Gameforge and developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon. As the community called for more end-game content, Gameforge worked with the developers to ensure players receive plenty of new challenges to enjoy […]


Atari® Unveils 50th Anniversary Logo — Commemorating Five Decades Since Jump-Starting the Video Game Industry

New York, NY (November 10, 2021) – Atari® — the pioneering video game brand and interactive entertainment producer — today revealed a commemorative 50th Anniversary logo that celebrates the five decades since Atari launched the modern video game industry. The new commemorative logo incorporates Atari’s iconic “Fuji,” which will continue to serve as the primary Atari brandmark and has been named the […] makes diversity push

Publisher to Make Big Push for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity with New Hires and Partnerships

The gaming industry has experienced incredible growth over the last several decades and now touches every region across the globe. However, this doesn’t mean that smaller sectors and underrepresented demographics are getting their fair share of the spotlight., the publisher of award-winning games including Raji: an Ancient Epic, Broken Lines, Alchemist Adventure, et al, is taking a proactive approach — […]

The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox – A Genre-Bending Turn-Based RPG

Demo Available | Try Out The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox – A Genre-Bending Turn-Based RPG

The first playable demo of The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox from Flamehawk Studios is available now as part of Steam Next Fest: October Edition! You can go hands-on with the genre-bending turn-based RPG until October 7th. The Mechanical World of Dr. Gearbox is an educational turn-based RPG that challenges the way young people, parents, and teachers engage with e-learning games. Players will explore a […]