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Rejoice Sinners; Hybrid Tower Defense Real-Time Strategy Game “Path to Nowhere” Launches Globally

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Get a Taste for the Forbidden in the Open Beta for AISNO Games’ Massively Popular Mobile Game — Available Outside of Asia for the First Time

Today, AISNO Games has the pleasure of announcing the global launch of its hit hybrid tower defense real-time strategy game Path to Nowhere. Set in a world where criminals must become heroes to save the world, Path to Nowhere features captivating characters and an engrossing storyline set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic world under siege by a monstrous plague. With over two million Open Beta pre-registrations, and the game having quickly become one of China’s top grossing free-to-play mobile games, the global Open Beta for Path to Nowhere is poised to introduce the season of sin to mobile gamers outside of Asia for the first time. It’s good to be bad.

Path to Nowhere is a tower defense and real-time strategy game that features striking character designs and enough gritty attitude to poke an eye out. Players assume the role of the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (M.B.C.C.), who must enlist a team of criminals with supernatural powers known as Sinners. By commanding the Sinners, players fight for the forces of good against otherworldly and cosmic threats. As they test their practical prowess by completing challenging stages, players will uncover the mysteries of a dying world and deepen their relationships with their squad of bad guys and gals. The Sinners themselves each have a unique personality, and as they grow in power, so too does their chance at redemption.

Combat requires that players strategically utilize the superhuman abilities of their Sinners to break through enemies defenses, with elite monsters needing their Corruptor Cores destroyed to become susceptible to finishing attacks. By pairing RTS-style movement with the tactical elements known to the tower defense genre, players can strategically move Sinners in battle according to monsters’ attack path and a stage’s terrain. The variety between Sinner powers add an extra layer of stratagem to Path to Nowhere’s already dense tactical systems.

Watch the Path to Nowhere Open Beta Launch Trailer:

Unique Gameplay Elements and Features:

  • A Unique and Mysterious World ViewDiscover the mysteries of a post apocalyptic world. Assume the role of the Chief of the M.B.C.C. and enlist Sinners, criminals with unique powers, to fight against swaths of horrifying monsters to save the Earth. Conduct individual Interrogations with Sinners to unlock their backstories through a special, fully voice acted game mode. Each conversation can lead down a different branching path, which leads to a different ending.|
  • Jaw-dropping Character Designs and Illustrations: Unlike other anime-style games, Path to Nowhere has a far more dark, gritty, and provocative style. Detailed character illustrations sample from the semi-impasto Japanese and Korean art style, making them stand out by comparison to other similar titles. Rigged in Live2D, the Sinners truly come to life with various animations and voice lines that can be triggered on the home screen.
  • Immersive, Strategic GameplayPath to Nowhere is more than just a tower defense game. You will engage in a real-time battle system to strategically move Sinners around various stages. Use a Sinner’s Ultimate Skill to hone in on the enemy’s weakness to shatter their defenses with the Core Weakness system. Strategize around your Sinners to overcome all obstacles and make quick work of your adversaries. Rid the world of the “mania” plague with the Sinners at your side.
  • Several Different Dubs to Choose FromFreely switch between different languages for the voice acting, including Japanese, Korean, English, and Chinese.

Path to Nowhere is available now as a free download for Android and iOS devices via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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A full press kit with screenshots, trailer, logos, and key art is available here:

About AISNO Games

AISNO Games is an online game publisher founded to create games loved by players without feeling constricted by ideas or boundaries. AISNO means free will, and it is upon this concept that the company was born. Publisher of Path to Nowhere, the game launched in August 2022 quickly becoming the most downloaded free-to-play game on the Apple iOS App Store in China, and personally chosen by the Apple editors as a recommended game. Path to Nowhere charted in the top 7 highest grossing games on the store, and is now being released in multiple languages with additional dubbing options for international players to enjoy.


CJ Melendez and Kazuma Hashimoto
UberStrategist Inc.

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