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Publisher to Make Big Push for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity with New Hires and Partnerships makes diversity push

The gaming industry has experienced incredible growth over the last several decades and now touches every region across the globe. However, this doesn’t mean that smaller sectors and underrepresented demographics are getting their fair share of the spotlight., the publisher of award-winning games including Raji: an Ancient Epic, Broken Lines, Alchemist Adventure, et al, is taking a proactive approach —  led by Chris Davies, Chief People Officer at Davies assists the company’s efforts to amplify underrepresented voices and bring positive, socially conscious change to the games industry within its internal framework as well as throughout its acceleration of these activities.

As Chief People Officer, Chris Davies supports the business operations and talent management for the American Branch of, through an initiative to expand the company’s reach into the American market. Davies strives to bring to the forefront of the North American indie scene, placing focus on studios and personnel that fit the company’s mantra of diversity, inclusivity, progressive representation, and of course, top-quality games and team members. is no stranger to helping developers’ voices be heard. The publisher has partnered with studios from regions and demographics that are underrepresented, like the team behind the award-winning Raji: An Ancient Epic — a finalist in the “Best Debut Game” category at the Game Awards 2020 and the first PC and console game created by an independent gaming studio in India.

“Every day, we were sending emails. We were getting really good feedback from publishers, but somehow the answers were ‘at this time they won’t fund us,’” said Shruti Ghosh, Co-founder and Art Director at Nodding Heads Games in an interview with Indian Express. “After much struggle, we struck a deal with They believed in our dream and gave us the freedom to make the game the way we wanted to.” has also published another award-winning title from a region that has only recently become recognized as an indie hotspot — despite being the largest gaming market in Latin America — Brazil. Retro Machina, from Orbit Studios, won Best Brazilian Game at Brazil’s Independent Game Festival in 2021 and is another in a growing list of “off the beaten path” indie studios that is working to bring to the forefront.

The company recently partnered with Mars Vision — an application that assists low-vision or visually impaired players by monitoring gameplay in real-time, assisting the player in navigating the game’s environment and menus — to launch an innovative new application that will allow the visually impaired to play games without the need for modding.

Now with its sights set on the American market, is taking this mission to showcase, support, and foster development for and by underrepresented demographics to the next level while also internalizing these goals to shape its own future.

An international video game publisher, technology, and investment fund, strives to maintain innovative vision and technology, and show the world (publish and finance) the bold experiments of daring creators. The company and its partners are united by a desire to grow the industry and change it for the better. Its mission is to eliminate borders, create great games, help game developers flourish, and create an immersive and inclusive environment for gamers.

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We are, an international video game publisher and investment fund. We’re here to help developers create, publish, and sell their games. Our team consists of game developers, talented marketing specialists, and producers who have launched dozens of projects, as well as analysts, game testers, and experienced QA professionals. We’re all united by a desire to grow the industry and change it for the better.

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