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PLITCH Launches The Cheat Code Show, In Partnership with Gerard ‘HipHopGamer’ Williams

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HipHopGamer Gets the Bag, Spreads the Gospel of Cheats on New Streaming Show

Megadev GmbH, the developers behind the innovative single-player gameplay customization platform PLITCH, are excited to announce the launch of The Cheat Code, a new weekly live show about the culture of cheat codes and the people behind it. The Cheat Code is hosted by Gerard “HipHopGamer” Williams, and the first episode debuts tomorrow at 6 PM EST on YouTube and Twitch.

For the inaugural episode, HipHopGamer sits down with F1 2022 Senior Developer Lee Mather and shows the power of PLITCH in the recently released Spider-Man Remastered on PC. Every week, HipHopGamer will chat with a new developer or celebrity guest about the world of gaming and what real-life cheat codes they use in their daily lives.

“Real talk, this partnership with PLITCH is a game changer. I’m humbled by the opportunity to bring back a core part of gaming culture that has been a lost art for many years. This time around it’s not only about cheat codes in video games, but the overall accessibility for people to enjoy what they love,” said HipHopGamer. “This is the time to discover the true cheat code within who we are and what makes us great in all of our respective passions and crafts that we work on daily.”

The Cheat Code experience is about bringing back the culture of cheat codes in the gaming community, while recognizing the real-life cheat codes within each person that makes them great at their craft,” said Markus Schaal, COO and Managing Director of PLITCH.  “We’re looking forward to working with HipHopGamer to help spread the simple message that gaming should be fun and that single-player cheats are a great way to experience them to the fullest.”PLITCH is strictly a single-player cheat software for offline gaming. PLITCH is built so that players can tailor their gaming experience to their preferences and get the most out of their single-player games.

A recent study by MegaDev, the company behind PLITCH, in collaboration with the neurotechnology company Brainamics, showed that cheat codes enhance the overall gaming experience. As part of this study, Anno 1800 players who were using cheats reported feeling much happier and less bored than the test group who played the game without cheats.

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About HipHopGamer

Born and raised in East New York, Brooklyn, Gerard “HipHopGamer” Williams found a true love and passion for gaming through his grandmother Margaret “HipHopGranny” Williams. In addition to being an award-winning journalist who interviewed the biggest names in entertainment, HipHopGamer appears as a character in various video games like Watch Dogs 2 and NBA 2K Playgrounds 1 & 2, created theme music for titles such as Twisted Metal and Watch Dogs 2, and brings a pure love to gaming that cultivated a legendary legacy.

About MegaDev

Founded in 2015, Munich-based MegaDev offers an all-in-one game wizard that enables players to customize single-player PC games by making them easier or more difficult. The PLITCH PC software already covers thousands of titles with tens of thousands of customization options.

MegaDev has already been selected twice for the prestigious German Accelerator: In 2018, MegaDev took part in the German Accelerator’s Silicon Valley program, in which the company focused on strategies for entering the US market; participation in the Southeast Asia program was added in 2020. Learn more about MegaDev at


PLITCH is the customization platform that lets you game the way you want to, with customizations for over 3,500 single-player experiences! The platform is continually growing and supporting the latest and most-coveted games. Learn more about PLITCH at


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