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TML Studios Invites Players to Experience Photo-Realistic Survival Adventure in Dead Man’s Diary

TML Studios

Explore a Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland While Fighting to Stay Alive In a Harsh Environment Filled with Realistic Puzzles and a Gripping Story

German indie dev TML-STUDIOS announced today a March 30, 2022, release date for their upcoming post-apocalyptic survival-adventure title, Dead Man’s Diary. Utilizing TML’s many years of expertise with the Unreal Engine, Dead Man’s Diary is a gorgeous narrative-driven experience that spans multiple genres — taking survival and crafting elements and blending them with a strong narrative, clever puzzles, and a thrilling mystery to solve. The game also features high-quality audio production that allows the backstory to unfold via the main character’s internal monologue and diary entries set to evocative music.


Dead Man’s Diary puts players in the shoes of a nameless survivor who must navigate the remains of a land ravaged by nuclear war. Survivors must stay sharp and survive this hostile world by crafting items and finding safe places to eat and sleep — all without the use of weapons. Uncover the secrets of this deadly and dangerous world by solving realistic puzzles and piecing together an enthralling story via fully-scored diary entries and the words of the main character.

Watch the Dead Man’s Diary trailer here:


Dead Man’s Diary is a project delivered straight from the heart of our team — it’s a story we’ve wanted to tell for a long time and we’re very happy that the game is now coming to market,” says Thomas Langelotz, CEO and founder of TML-Studios. “We can’t wait to finally welcome players into our world”

Dead Man’s Diary Key Features:

  • 27 action-packed levels: The levels of Dead Man’s Diary are full of peril. The players are constantly fighting for survival against a harsh world that wants them dead.
  • Varied environments: Encounter dark forests, ruined cities, and abandoned industrial complexes, as well as other exciting locales. Each of these places hides numerous secrets and tricky puzzles that are just waiting to be solved.
  • Complex puzzles: Players are confronted with puzzles that are as challenging as they are satisfying to solve.
  • Strong narrative focus: Dead Man’s Diary tells the story of an outcast forced to make his way through a world destroyed by nuclear war. The story is told in the form of diary entries and soliloquies by the protagonist.
  • Crafting and survival management: Life after the apocalypse is hard. Players are tasked with making sure that they have enough food to survive and that their equipment is up to scratch. All equipment can be upgraded by players at a workbench to improve its quality.
  • Over 50 hours of play: The expansive game world and comprehensive story ensure a long-lasting adventure.

Dead Man’s Diary was partly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure as part of the federal government’s computer games funding program.

Dead Man’s Diary releases on March 30, 2022, for Windows PC via Steam, with console versions following later in the year.

A full press kit, including logo, screenshots, key art, and trailers is available here:


TML-STUDIOS is an independent game development studio based in Erfurt, Germany. The company was founded in 2004 by Thomas Langelotz and specializes in building creative PC games and real-time simulations in 3D. Over the past 15 years, they have published long-distance bus and subway simulations that are played worldwide. TML-Studios operates two 24/7 web radio stations, which also can be received in the company’s simulation games.

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