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Action RPG-Meets-Dating-Sim in Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD — Available Now


New Battles, New Dates, and New Storylines Come to iOS and Android Today in Updated Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD – Global

The smash-hit mobile game, Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD – Global, enticed players with its thrilling storyline, addictive battles, and of course, its cast of gorgeous, endearing characters. Today, Hot Game Studio is excited to announce that Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD — a fully updated and improved special edition of the original game — is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Based on the Light Novels by Tachibana Koushi, Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HDis a stunning remastered version of the innovative action RPG/dating sim that is based on the extremely popular light novel series, Date A Live, and is officially licensed by Kadokawa Future Publishing. Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD features sizzling new battles, hot new dates, extensive character growth, completely revamped visuals, and a brand-spanking-new UI! Everything from the characters, costumes, scenes, and special effects have been fully optimized in preparation for “romantic” brawls.

Key Features of Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD:

  • Updated UI: A brand new User Interface makes the Date A Liveexperience cleaner, faster, and better than ever!
  • HD Designs: From the character portraits to the costumes, Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD features stunning visuals and characters
  • Enhanced Immersive Experience: Dive into an engaging plot that will attract fans of the original light novels
  • Beautiful and Enticing Characters: Spend time with the cute and cuddly Tohka, the adorable Yoshino and her ​​hand puppet Yoshinon, Shido’s foster sister Kotori, and plenty more
  • New Combat Gameplay: Attribute Restraint is an all-new gameplay mechanic that takes combat to the next level! Each character has different attributes that work to restrain other characters, and vice-versa,  so make sure to spread the skills across your team to ensure success on the field of combat.

In Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD, players attempt to win the affection of a cast of Spirits — which involves unlocking all sorts of enticing costumes and dating locations. Fusing dating sim with action RPG battles, players also work to unlock powerful Angels, which are the weapons used by Spirits, opening up hundreds of potential combinations for use in the battle stages. Featuring stunning artwork and voiceovers from the cast of the hit anime, Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD is a fresh take on the classic dating-themed visual novel formula that adds to the fun by including simulation and battle elements to enhance the immersion of this wonderful world.

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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About Hot Game Studio

Hot Game Studio consists of a group of DAL fans. They have kept their passion for the series turned the property into a game truly dedicated to fans throughout three years of hard work. In 2018, Date A Live Spirit Pledge is released in Chinese, bringing the characters in the anime into fans’ phones and making their dream come true. As the only company with provided a license by the original author, Kadokawa, to make the mobile game, Hot Game Studio also funded the production of Date A Live III and Date A Live IV, and a spin-off work centering on Kurumi, one of the most popular characters in the series, as Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet.


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