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Horror Games Publisher DreadXP to Showcase Three Upcoming DreadXP Games at PAX East 2023

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New Demos for Three Upcoming DreadXP Games to Be Available for Hands-On Play to all PAX East Attendees at Booth #16061

DreadXP — an independent horror publisher and production company — announced today that it will be in attendance at PAX East 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts from Thursday, March 23 through Sunday, March 26. The positively spooky publisher will have a dedicated booth on the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center show floor offering hands-on demos for three ghoulish titles: Sucker for Love: Date to Die ForMy Friendly Neighborhood, and Amanda the Adventurer.

Attendees can go hands-on with each title from DreadXP’s PAX East 2023 line-up:

  • Sucker for Love: Date to Die For (Windows PC – Releasing Summer 2023): The sequel to beloved Lovecraftian dating sim Sucker for Love: First Date features a “Shadow over Innsmouth” spin, where the new protagonist Stardust — an asexual woman — must escape from a rural town overrun with fanatical cultists while being pursued by new eldritch “beauties”. Sucker for Love: Date to Die For is an earnest love letter to Lovecraftian horror, ’90s anime, and old school dating sims, seeking to faithfully recreate the most memorable and nostalgic aspects of each. It focuses on the often neglected aspect of Lovecraft’s stories: the tangible madmen and monsters under the effects of gods, as opposed to the eldritch gods themselves. It’s wacky, and maybe just a little bit horrifying.
  • My Friendly Neighborhood (Windows PC – Releasing Summer 2023): Players step into the work-boots of Gordon, a repairman tasked with shutting down the sudden broadcast of a canceled childrens’ TV show. Back in the day, fans loved the show’s colorful cast of kooky puppet pals who took them on educational adventures and delighted them with fun games. But the show’s popularity waned over time, and the studio had to ultimately shut its doors. Then, one night years later, the show suddenly reappears for a surprise encore… are those puppets eating each other!?
  • Amanda the Adventurer (Windows PC – Releasing April 25, 2023): This found footage style horror title asks players to embark on what at first appears to be a wholesome, friendship-filled journey. Once players discover a box full of VHS tapes containing a long-lost children’s show starring the plucky Amanda the Adventurer and her cowardly yet loyal sidekick, Woolie the Sheep, the tone begins to shift. At first glance, the videos seem innocently childish, depicting two best buddies in an edutainment-styled escapade. However, the longer the videos are watched, the more a creeping, sickening feeling emerges that something in the tapes is watching back. Every day’s another adventure!

Attendees can find DreadXP on the PAX East show floor at Booth #16061, in the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, from March 23 – March 26, 2023 during Expo Hall hours (10:00 AM – 6:00 PM ET). 

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About DreadXP

DreadXP is an indie horror production and publication label that focuses on unique, experimental titles that have been overlooked by the bigger labels. The company is passionate about creating a positive horror community with a focus on supporting developers and delivering the unique content genre fans crave. DreadXP titles include Digital Dragons’ Best Indie Game of 2022 — First Place award winner Sucker for Love: First Date, The*gameHERs Indie Game of the Year 2022 award winner The Mortuary Assistant, the Dread X Collection series, SPOOKWAREMirror Forge, and upcoming titles such as Hand of DoomSucker for Love: Date to Die ForMy Friendly Neighborhood, and CREEPSHOW.

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