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Survive Man-Made Environmental Horrors in The Forest Cathedral, a Psychological Thriller From Whitethorn Games Coming Soon to PC and Xbox Platforms

Whitethorn Games — publisher of cozy indie hits such as APICO, Wytchwood, and Lake — is leaking sensitive information about its upcoming first-person psychological thriller, The Forest Cathedral. This dramatic reimagining of the events leading up to the true story of the 1962 environmental science book, Silent Spring, will launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC this Fall.

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Gameforge Again Certified as ‘Attractive Employer’

Gameforge AG has once again been certified as an ‘attractive employer’ by Great Place to Work®. The award signifies the company’s trustworthy and even-handed leadership, as well as how it actively fosters and encourages its employees. Supporting a good work-life balance, excellent team spirit, and a diverse working environment count among Gameforge’s strengths.

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Tag, You’re It! Fast Paced Multiplayer Title Catch Me! is Now Available on Steam

German development studio ByteRockers’ Games is pleased to announce that their action platformer title Catch Me! has parkoured its way into Steam Early Access. You can now jump into the unique digital-catching fun and experience super fast gameplay loops and action-packed parkour elements. It’s time to return to the playground, and you’re going to have to think and act fast if you want…

Game Driver

GameDriver 2022.07 is Now Available, Bringing Simulated Input Support for VR Devices, a New Test Recording Tool, and More

GameDriver™ — the leading creator of automation tools in the gaming, AR, and VR industries — is excited to announce the release of the latest update for their flagship software. GameDriver 2022.07 continues the company’s mission of providing all of the tools and capabilities necessary to build a comprehensive automated test suite for video game, AR, and VR projects.

Brazil Games

The Best of BIG Festival 2022! Gamedec Takes Best Game, No Place for Bravery Takes Best Brazilian Game

Another year from Best International Games Festival (BIG Festival) 2022 — the largest games festival in Latin America — has come and gone and Brazil Games (the Brazilian Games Export Program), which is carried out by Abragames (Brazilian Games Companies Association) and ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), are excited to announce this year’s BIG Festival 2022 Awards Winners! The jury comprised a variety of 48 professionals from…

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Publisher Gameforge Partners with Argentinian Developer Whiteboard Games to Launch Upcoming Rage-Fueled Top-Down Sci-Fi Roguelite I See Red

Gameforge — the leading publisher of popular massively multiplayer online games in the West, including AION, OGame, NosTale and Swords of Legends Online — announced that they have partnered with developer Whiteboard Games to publish the studio’s inaugural commercial title: the top-down, sci-fi roguelite I See Red. Set for a 2022 release  on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, the game has already received critical acclaim,…

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Eastern Mythology-Themed MMORPG Chimeraland is Now Available on PC and Mobile Devices

Level Infinite is pleased to announce its vast open-world MMORPG Chimeraland is now available to play for free on mobile devices and PC via Steam. Chimeraland is a sandbox survival game set in a prehistoric, mythical world where players can build freely and interact with other travelers, capture and tame bizarre beasts, and survive in an ever-changing world filled with magic.


Atari Announces Yars: Recharged, a Visually Stunning Remake of Atari’s Best-Selling 2600 Title

Atari® – one of the world’s most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers – brings us the next exciting entry in the Atari Recharged series: Yars: Recharged. Coming to PC via Steam and Epic Games, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Switch, Stadia, and Atari VCS later this year, Yars: Recharged features indie-style gameplay infused with elements of classic arcade gaming and shoot-em-up punctuated by moments…

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A Persian Tale of Love and Tragedy: Action-Adventure Game The Tale of Bistun Out Now for Windows PC and Xbox Consoles

Polish games publisher IMGN.PRO, in partnership with Black Cube Games, is thrilled to announce that their gorgeous and captivating action-adventure game The Tale of Bistun is now available for Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Based on the legendary Persian romantic epic, “Khosrow and Shirin”, The Tale of Bistun is not only a title inspired by an iconic piece of Iranian literature, it…

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Prepare to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of OGame as the Lifeforms Expansion Releases Today

Gameforge — publisher and developer of popular games such as AION, NosTale, Metin2, Trigon: Space Story, and Swords of Legends Online — is pleased to announce the massive Lifeforms expansion has made its way to their long-running space strategy MMO, OGame. Live as of today, the Lifeforms expansion will bring alien species into the world of OGame, and open up countless new strategies for players to explore with new buildings, technology, and actions…