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Modiphius Unveils Homeworld Fleet Command Strategic Tabletop Game

Modiphius Entertainment, a world-class tabletop publisher and creator, is taking the wraps off Homeworld Fleet Command, a new tabletop miniatures boardgame set in Gearbox Entertainment’s Homeworld Universe. The game puts would-be admirals in charge of Kushan or Taiidan fleets fighting it out in epic 1-4 player galactic battles where it’s victory or death.


Roman and Germanic Heroes vs The Great Old Ones! Modiphius Reveals Cohors Cthulhu Gaming and Transmedia Universe

Modiphius Entertainment is thrilled to announce a brand new range of tabletop games for its flagship IP “Against the God Themselves”: COHORS CTHULHU. This new cinematic tabletop RPG, narrative co-operative wargame, fiction line, and miniatures range is set in the same universe as the successful Achtung! Cthulhu 2D20 RPG, and expands upon it, this time introducing adventurers to an era […]


Modiphius Entertainment Donates $35,000 to National Park Rescue, an Organization Devoted to Protecting African Parks from Poachers

Modiphius Entertainment, a world-class tabletop publisher and creator, is excited to share the results of some of their recent charitable activities. Through a massive sale of their original Achtung! Cthulhu products and a Star Trek Adventures Humble Bundle, Modiphius raised $35,000 for National Park Rescue, a charity devoted to supporting African national parks and the wildlife they protect.