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subROV: Underwater Discoveries, Dives into Steam Early Access Today

Developer sqr3lab invites you to dive to the bottom of the ocean in its deep-sea exploration simulation game, subROV: Underwater Discoveries, available now in Steam Early Access. Players can now sit behind the control panel of a submarine Remotely-Operated Vehicle (ROV) from the comfort of their homes, and simulate real dives previously completed by oceanographic institutions around the world.

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Survey Shipwrecks and Sea-Life in subROV: Underwater Discoveries, Launching into Steam Early Access December 2022

Today, developer sqr3lab is shouting over the sounds of crashing waves to announce that subROV: Underwater Discoveries, the deep-sea exploration simulation game, is launching into Steam Early Access on December 2, 2022. Soon, players will be able to simulate submarine Remotely-Operated Vehicle (ROV) dives previously completed by real oceanographic institutions, and discover the sights and sounds of Earth’s oceans like never before.

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Explore the Depths of the Sea in subROV: Underwater Discoveries, an Ocean Exploration Simulator Coming Soon to Steam Early Access

Today, developer sqr3lab is breaching from the ocean to announce that its deep-sea exploration simulation game, subROV: Underwater Discoveries, is coming soon to Windows PC via Steam Early Access. Brought to life by a one-man development operation, subROV: Underwater Discoveries recreates the experience of deep-sea exploration without some of the complexities of a true-to-life simulation. Soon, players will take control of their submarine Remotely-Operated Vehicle […]